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and I missed it! What the hell was I doing last November 18? Yeah, right, I was busy reminding Shangri-la Mactan to forward their freakin’ Pro-Forma Statement!

Anyway, back to topic. Operation #deadfisheyes was done to sort-of celebrate the release of Yamapi’s long-awaited solo single, Loveless. Deadfisheyes was used together with the hashtag because at times Pi has that same look in his pictures. Also, it makes the topic more interesting and makes peeps in Twitter go WTF?

So because #deadfisheyes did better than expected, people are now doing it again on the 24th for Akanishi Jin. It’s gonna be #eggplant. I’m not really a Jin fan but because he’s from JE, I’m gonna be in for this craziness. (since I love Twitter anyway.)

However, the huge thing (for me and for Arashi fans) is happening on the 26th. It’s Ohno’s aka Riida’s birthday! Yay, Otanjoubi Omedetou. For his birthday, it’s gonna be #tsuribaka and #wemakestorm. I personally like the last hashtag a lot. I like that phrase, especially since AMNOS said it in their song Attack It! and I think it is apt for them.

Anyway, here’s the schedule:
26th November 2009 (Thursday)
1000H Japan (Tokyo) time

include #tsuribaka and #wemakestorm in your tweets.

And for that time, I will disable my Twitter-Facebook application so that I wouldn’t flood my facebook status with tweets regarding this.

For more info: visit Arashi_On

Spread the JE love!!! (I can’t believe I’m using this phrase again.)

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This is a repost. Credits to Oricon and ames_909 of LJ.



The five-member group Arashi debuted at the top of single rankings for the week of November 23rd with their new song “My Girl“. Following their own “Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki~” (with a first week sales of 502,487 copies, released this May) and “Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei” (with a first week sales of 501,988 copies, released this March), they recorded the third highest first week sales of 2009 with sales of 430,000 copies after one week since its release. In addition to this, combined with the fourth highest first week sales for the single “Everything” (released this July) at 342,000 copies, the top four spots of 2009’s first week singles sales are all being monopolized by Arashi at this point in time.

Furthermore, this is Arashi’s 24th time to capture the the top spot for singles sales, and also their 17th consecutive since “PIKANCHI DOUBLE”, released in February of 2004. Even Arashi’s “5×10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009” DVD released on October 28th has recorded sales of over 500,000 copies in two weeks in a thorough display of their popularity. With the year’s end, future record-breaking and more, their sales trends are currently drawing much attention.

Regarding this piece of work, not only is it the theme song of fellow member Aiba Masaki’s first featured drama, “My Girl” (TV Asahi) which began airing on October 9th, it also includes the coupling track “Tokei Jikake no Umbrella”, the theme song to drama “0 Goushitsu no Kyaku” (Fuji TV) which started on the 23rd of the same month.



My own rambling:

Well, ARASHI is AWESOME. We all knew that already but…

…Isn’t this totally insane? Has this thing ever happened before? Please somebody tell me because if not, major WOW. Although I’m not surprised at all that Arashi can pull this off, I’m still in awe that in the top 5, they’ve got 4 singles. (And I assume, most people -who read this, that is- know how absolutely DIFFICULT it is to land a place in the Oricon chart right?)

I know I’ve said this so many times in my past Arashi entries this year but 2009 is definitely their year. What an amazing way to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. They are so in demand! From concerts, to tv appearances, to their songs – everything!!! Like what one LJ user commented, they are killing rankings and not to mention wallets.

Honestly, it’s so damn hard to be an Arashi fangirl, especially if you’re not in Japan and you don’t understand Japanese. Unlike Kpop videos, Arashi subbed videos are hard to find. You have to be a part of this elite club (well, that’s what I call it) in order to view them. The major subbing team of Arashi are so damn righteous that they don’t want to scatter their fansub videos all over the internet since fansubbing is illegal. You have to undergo a sort-of grueling process to become a member.

Not only subbed videos are hard to come by, but anything that relates to Arashi is major major expensive!!! Seriously.

However, it is still my dream to watch an Arashi concert live. I really hope Arashi’s still active when I already have the capability to do so!

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First of all, MAJIDE??? Oh, come on, they’re remaking another Japanese manga and they chose one of the best josei mangas there is.

As much as I love Kim Hyun Joong, I have to admit that I cannot see him as Momo (as of now). Come on, let’s admit it, he sucks in acting. If he couldn’t act Ji Hoo who is pretty one-layered, how can he possibly do Momo who is complicated? Yes, Momo is complicated. He may appear quirky, funny, cute and stupid on the outside but underneath that are varying levels of complex personalities: Momo the pet and Momo with the desires of a man.

I sort of pity HJ in this. First in Boys Over Flowers, he was compared to Oguri Shun and let’s admit it, a lot of actors will really fall short on that. Now he is going to be compared to Matsujun?

I think I can accept it if I don’t have anything to compare too. However, Matsujun did this drama. And this is not because I absolutely love Matsujun, I’m just giving credit where credit is due. Matsujun owned this drama. His acting may not be flawless but there was something in it that was endearing and believable amidst the surreal circumstances. Definitely a tough act to follow.

However, KIm Hyun Joong is still a newbie in acting and newbies must be given another chance. The Yoon Ji Hoo character is a far cry from his real 4-dimensional self (remember We Got Married?). So, I guess, maybe if he acts less and be himself more, he can pull this off.

But I wonder who will they cast as Sumire? If Matsujun as Momo is already a tough act to follow, so is Koyuki. I don’t even have a single Korean actress in mind to fill Koyuki shoes up. Hell, she’s the perfect Koyuki!

On another note: Why are they keep remaking Matsujun’s dramas??? Am I gonna see Bambino next?

—>EDIT: (12:13 AM) NOT TRUE according to Quainte501. *breathes a sigh of relief*

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Seriously, all of A.M.N.O.S in a single drama???

Yes. Finally after ten years.

Our favorite JE boys are proving to be unstoppable. And even though the drama is to be aired next year, since it is decided this year, they are certainly claiming 2009 as their year.

Translation to the article below is credited to xoalice88ox

“Arashi in a drama together for the first time since 10 years ago  “The Last Promise”

It was confirmed on the 10th that the popular group, Arashi, will be in Fuji TV’s special drama “The Last Promise” with all five of the members together, which is first since 10 years ago, and it will be aired next year in early spring.

It is a human suspense where the five coincidentally come upon a building hijack and face an unpredictable situation. It is the first time the leader Ohno Satoshi (28), Sakurai Sho (27), Aiba Masaki (26), Ninomiya Kazunari (26), and Matsumoto Jun (26) are co-star in a drama since “V no Arashi” from ’99, right after their debut. The poster which have been shot for this drama has a mature atmosphere that makes us feel their growth of the 10 years.

In addition to recently starring in dramas, movies and stage plays solo and earning high reviews of their acting skills, their variety shows are are popular with every ages. Their DVD “All the BEST! 1999 – 2009”, which was released on the 28th of last month, has sold 500,000 copies, which is a first in the history of music DVDs, and they are unstoppable. (edit: Sold 500,000 copies in the first two weeks.)

Ohno says, “I want to act keeping 10 years worth of experiences and feelings in mind”, and Matsumoto says “I am a bit embarrassed…(laugh), but I am looking forward to the day the five of us film together.”

credits to meoinkie2.

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Arashi – My Girl PV

It’s BEAUTIFUL, as always. In this PV they acted as brothers which is like what they really are anyways. I’ve never seen a group of idols that are bonded so much such as them.

The story of the PV goes something like this: They are getting ready of moving out of their house. However, Aiba found a letter from their dead mother inserted in an album. The letter goes, “You were born as our children, and one day you should grow up and move out to do what it is you love to do. When that day comes, go. I’ll be watching over you from this house.” It’s sad but the letter made them stay and forget about leaving the house. At the end, Matsujun composed an email for their father, Dad, we want to stay in this house with Mom a little longer. So, we’ve decided not to move.”


Donna kotoba wo tsukaeba
Motto kokoro tsujiaeta kana
Tsuyogari no egao ni kakushita sono namida
Donna hibi wo sugoshitatte
Kitto ima wo shinji tsuzuketeireba
Hitotsu dake bokutachi no michi ga hajimaru yo

Yasashisa ni fureru toki ga
Shiawase michibiiteyuku
Hohoemu koe kasaneta nara
Bokura honno chotto zutsu
Aruiteyukeru ki ga shita

Arigatou no omoi wo tsutaetai yo
Sotto kimi no moto e
Tooku hanarete shimattemo
Omoide ni michita mirai e

Me wo tojireba
Kimi to sugoshita ano kisetsu ga omoiukabu
Futari no kioku tsunaideku
Kyou mo sotto chiisana nukumori atsumete

Boku ga tsutsunda yubisaki sotto
Koboreochite shimatta no wa
Ashibaya ni kakedashita kimi no atatakasa

Taisetsu na kotoba zenbu
Kimi hitori de kakaeteita
Iitai koto nani mo iwanu
Hanshite shimatta tenohira
Omoidasu yo ima demo

Arigatou to mou ichido tsutaetai yo
Sotto kimi no soba de
Kinou ni modorenai kedo
Inoru yori kako wo mukaeru

Te wo nobaseba
Kimi ga nokoshita ano kisetsu no tobira hiraku
Aitakute shikatanai kara
Kyou mo kitto kimi no koto omoidasu darou

Ichibyougo to de atta hi ga toozakatteyuku keredo
Kawarazu ni kimi wa ikiteru
Mune no naka de

Arigatou no omoi wo tsutaetai yo
Sotto kimi no moto e
Tooku hanarete shimattemo
Omoide ni michita mirai e

Me wo tojireba
Kimi to sugoshita ano kisetsu ga omoiukabu
Futari no kioku tsunaideku
Kyou mo sotto chiisana nukumori atsumete

Sotto chiisana nukumori atsumete

And since it is ALWAYS better to understand the lyrics and the meaning behind it, below is the translated lyrics.


What words should I have used
To better communicate with your heart?
And those tears hidden in a deceivingly strong smile?
No matter what days have passed
Surely, if we continue to believe in the present
A single road will start for us

The times you experienced kindness
Will lead you to happiness
I felt if we could accumulate the sounds of our smiles
We could keep walking
Step by step

I want to express these feelings of thanks
Softly, to you
Even if we are separated by a great distance
Let’s go towards the future that is filled with memories

When I close my eyes
I think of the seasons spent with you
And they lead me to the memories of the two of us
Gently gathering a little warmth today too

That which gently slipped from my grasp
Was your warmth
Which took off with a run

You alone had taken hold of
All the important words
I still remember, even now,
That hand which I let go of
Without saying the things I wanted to say

I want to thank you once again
Softly, by your side
Although we can’t return to yesterday
Rather than wishing for it, we should accept the past

If I stretched forth my hand
The doors to the seasons you left behind will open
Since I can’t help missing you so much
I’ll definitely think of you again today, won’t I?

Although the days we were together became ever more distant by the second
You are still living just as before
Inside my heart

I want to express these feelings of thanks
Softly, to you
Even if we are separated by a great distance
Let’s go towards the future that is filled with memories

When I close my eyes
I think of the seasons spent with you
And they lead me to the memories of the two of us
Gently gathering a little warmth today too

Gently gathering a little warmth

credits: citrongurl fr the video, aeslis @LJ, and saladesu @LJ.

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Well, as of now, most of you probably know about it.

I would like to say that it was pretty damn obvious from the very start but other groups put up a good fight as well so saying that wouldn’t make it fair.

I am just so happy that they won. I mean, they TOTALLY deserve it. Duh??? They don’t actually need this poll.

In the first round, they won against Super Junior by 3,707 votes.

In the second round, they totally whipped YUI with a whopping 11,551 votes.

In the third round, popular Ayumi Hamasaki lost to them by 21,245 votes.

In the final round, it boils down to two Japanese idol groups. Not only they’re both from Japan but they’re from Johnny’s Entertainment. KAT-TUN won against TVXQ in a slightly grueling battle by 3,643 votes.

Then in then end, the crown goes to ARASHI.

Overall Artist Leaderboard:

ARASHI (Japan)  – 101,171
KAT-TUN (Japan) – 84,579
TVXQ (Korea)      – 68, 888
Super Junior (Korea) – 34,464
Mika Nakashima (Japan) – 21,267

PVs shown:



2nd Round: BELIEVE


3rd Round: CRAZY MOON

4th Round: A.RA.SHI. (I think this was kinda expected. Everything started with this ne? Arashi will always release new and wodnerful songs but no matter what, I always come back to this. The only Arashi song that has never left my music player ever since, or if it has, just a couple of months then I’ll put it in again.)


(Isn’t this like one of their most beautiful songs ever? I really have to watch Quiz Show 2!!! But I have to agree with the other fans, TRUTH should’ve been included.)





And to all who contributed to this success, (ehem, me included) minna, otsukaresama deshita!!!

And for my own pleasure, here is the amazing TRUTH.


Okay, I can’t help it. I just need to add something.

Arashi, well, obviously is a group that make music together. They’re not the best singers or dancers in the world but they create some of the world’s best songs. If everyone could just understand Japanese, everyone will know the meaning behind their songs. They don’t just sing songs that sound good because of repetitive lyrics and catchy rhythm like what other groups do but lack in depth.

You’ll also be surprised that Arashi’s love songs are not that too many. They don’t rely too much on that. They sing about general stuff and the meaning of the songs are just beautiful. I’ve always said before that listening to any Arashi song can change my mood. It can definitely lift my spirits up. It can brighten a gloomy day. Their songs make people happy. There lies another Arashi power: their songs.

Thankfully, not everyone has to learn Japanese to understand their songs. Subbers make people’s life easier. So, I really do encourage you, if you listen to an Arashi song, look up the one with English subs. Oh, you can actually start with TRUTH posted up there.


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