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HQ video clips. Yay!
ArkShiNo is very fast. It’s out already.

This is Arashi’s amazing, amazing drama SP. Enjoy!

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All the videos I posted before were (not surprisingly) taken down by Youtube. I found some again and before this gets taken down, I will share it here again.

This time it is the full countdown and not only Arashi parts. Sugoi ne? They’re performing in three different concert halls  with more than 100, 000 attendees. Kanjani8’s in Kyousera Dome in Osaka while Tackey and Tsubasa are in the Imperial Theater with ABC and Kis-my-ft2 and the rest of the Johnny’s are in Tokyo Dome

At the beginning, you can see Arashi running to the hall to host. They just came from Kohaku.

Credits to: newshfan@LJ

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A pretty easy project, only needs a few details from you.

Head on to Pam’s LJ for details.

Show Arashi some LOVE.


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IKUTA TOMA! When are you going to debut? So cute.

Arashi’s version of Sukiyanen, Osaka was really good. I can’t say the same though for Kanjani8’s performance of One Love though. They don’t sound good at all but they’re funny and I like it that at the chorus, even the Arashi members are doing the steps. Cute.

Johnny’s most popular guys are dancing for this sempai’s solo act.

And of course, NewS. Yay! Finally saw them together on stage. They’re missing one member though because Ryo is with Kanjani8 on a different countdown performance. Too bad. Yamapi please cut your hair already. Haha.

Tackey and Tsubasa!

Lol at Matsujun being mean to Jin.

Too bad these clips are not complete. It doesn’t have KAT-TUN’s and NewS’ performance. Mostly, it’s Arashi hehe. I’ll wait for the other uploaders to upload their videos. As usual, this will be taken down quickly, so I’m sharing it now.

credits to MichMotoYukaJun02

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Yes, it was indeed. It was nothing short of awesome. It was definitely much better than last year.


First, I can’t believe Arashi actually made it to Tokyo Dome from NHK Hall. They were the 42nd to perform on Kohaku Uta Gassen and they have to (teleport) rush to Johnny’s Countdown to host the show and to perform as well.

It’s fun to hear them singing each other’s song. Arashi sang Kanjani8’s Sukiyanen Osaka and Kanjani8 (butchered) sang Arashi’s One Love. Haha.

KAT-TUN also perform NEWS Kibou Yell, TOKIO sang KAT-TUN’s Keep The Faith, and NEWS sang a KinKi kids song.

And I can’t stop gawking at Matsujun’s hotness.

And I saw Ikuta Toma, he was so so so cute!

“Dear Johnny-san,

Toma was damn handsome on tonight’s Johnny’s Countdown. Please let him debut. Thank you.”


Now I have to wait another year to watch this amazing show again.

P.S. Kohaku was fun as well. White Team won (again.) Haha.

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Madness indeed! If I was there, I would take countless of pictures too. You wouldn’t see this guys bound and tied up like this everyday. Haha.

Arigatou to Lisa Katayama (Tokyomango) for the video.

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I know this is quite late but I haven’t had the time to update my blog recently but still omedetou to my lovable dorks! This is the Oricon Awards where Arashi topped Oricon chart in 4 categories: singles, albums, dvd sales and total sales. I am so proud of you guys.

As usual, it’s a fun interview. Nino was once again being the famous sharp-tongued that he is bullying Aiba-chan like that. My heart is bursting with so much happiness just by watching them make their short speech and before I knew it, I am already crying.

When asked by the interviewer, “If they could accumulate their feelings into one word, it would be…” Then Aiba said “ARASHI.” Nino might’ve called him tremendously stupid for that but I couldn’t choose a better word than that. They’ve certainly created a storm this year and I’m so happy for them.

They were so successful this year, I wonder what’s in store for them next year.

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