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Sound of Colors



A flourishing metropolis, the crowd bustling about, each one conjecturing a beautiful wish to wait for his or her fate. A beautiful story can take place anywhere, perhaps it’s in the mall, perhaps it’s in the cafe, or maybe it is in a subway….. A beautiful blind DJ w/ a beautiful heart, Jingjing is taking the subway to the radio station, and Yun Xiang, who is having problems at work, also happens to take this train home. The both of them have been in the same train several times, it’s as if they have been played by destiny, never met each other.


* Ruby Lin as Fu Jing Jing
* Wallace Huo as Lu Yun Xiang
* Hao Lei as Fu Ming Ming
* Sun Xing as Cheng Gao
* Li LiChun as Lu Ming Kai
* Huang Meng as Fan Yang
* Liu He Nan as Tan Li Na
* Lu Yang as Yang Xin Hua
* Chen Luo Qian as Xiao Chen
* Zhou Xiao Li as Wang You

credits: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Sound_of_Colors


Wallace Huo – I have seen a couple series of him, A Promise of Love, West Side Story, 100% Senorita, and Stars. I already like him when I saw him in A Promise of Love, although he is not the lead actor. I like him better than Ambrose Hsu. This is the first time I saw him became the lead actor with no other actors along side of him unlike in Senorita. I must say that he looks better in A Promise because he was so thin in this series. Acting-wise, he is good. Some of his expressions were the same but nonetheless he was good. I was touched for his feelings to Jing Jing. I really cried a lot of times.

Ruby Lin – When I first saw her in Love in the City, I already like her. Right now, I’m also watching Romance in the Rain and she plays a character there too. I must say, however, that her portrayal as the blind DJ Jing Jing was her best, for me. What’s with those eyes? She really looks blind. I never see someone who portrays a blind person as good as her. She’s also so beautiful and she and Yun Xiang looked good together, although I like Wallace together with Penny Lin too.

The story plot is actually simple and predictable. At the very beginning, I already have more or less, a prediction on how the story is going to progress. I know that Ming Ming and Fan Yang would be together in the end and also about Yun Xiang’s friends. The very first time Yun Xiang experienced a nosebleed, I thought to myself, Oh no, he is very sick. He will die and he will donate his eyes to Jing Jing. Turned out, I was right. However, even though the story is very simple, it is full of heart. It teaches us lesson about life, love, family, friendship, siblinghood, and love for others. It teaches us to appreciate the things that we have. It teaches us to care for other people and be sensitive to their needs. As a sister, I was touched how deep Jing Jing and Ming Ming bond was with each other. Sound of Colors is inspirational, it gives people courage, it gives people hope and most importantly, it teaches people the true meaning of love. What more can I say? I love it.

“You will see the beauty of the world through my eyes.” -Yun Xiang

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“Rush Hour” meets “The Pacifier.” Another movie from my all-time favorite Jackie Chan. This movie is so cool, so funny with great action scenes. Jackie Chan is so good. He never failed to make me laugh and to amaze me with his surprising stunts.

The baby is so cute too. I swear, that baby will become a big star someday. ^^ At that so young age, he is already acting! How do the directors do it? How can they make those babies do this and do that? That’s so sugoi!

The movie has touching scenes too. Jackie Chan and Michael Hui became really sweet and patient babysitters and they learned to care for the baby. In the end when the baby was frozen and they were trying to save its life, what Jackie did there was really moving.

It’s a really nice movie. It’s originally in Chinese with subtitles but in the DVD that I rented it was already dubbed. The dubbing’s good and if I’m not mistaken, the one who dubbed for Jackie Chan was himself too. That sounded so like his voice.

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The Banquet


The Crown Prince Wu Luan was four years older than “Little Wan” (later Empress Wan) and they both felt for each other when his father, Emperor, decided to marry “Little Wan” and she became Empress Wan. Wu Luan, deeply hurt by this, fled to the South to rejoice in music and dance.

Emperor Li (Shakespeare’s Claudius) then murdered his brother and upon acceding the throne, and taken his brother’s young wife, Empress Wan (younger version of Shakespeare’s Gertrude) as his wife and has her recrowned as Empress.

The usurping emperor then sents out riders to assassinate his nephew, Crown Prince Wu Luan (Shakespeare’s Hamlet), who would succeed the throne before any of his uncle’s progeny. The crown prince, away at a retreat for masked mime actors, survives the massacre at the monastery and is eventually spirited back to the palace.

To keep him alive, Empress Wan has made a compromise with his uncle, which angers Prince Wu Luan. His relationship with his stepmother is unusual because they grew up together in the court, are about the same age and she has romantic feelings for him.

However, the prince is engaged to marry Qing Nu (Shakespeare’s Ophelia), the daughter of a palace official, the Grand Marshal (who can be linked to Shakespeare’s Polonius). A close ally of the former emperor, the Grand Marshall’s power is weakened when his son (Shakespeare’s Laertes), who is very protective of his sister, Qing Nu, is sent to a distant province to become governor.

Meanwhile, the Empress Wan is to have a new coronation ceremony. As a special treat, Prince Wu Luan, an accomplished singer and dancer, stages a masked mime play that exposes his uncle as his father’s murderer.

Rather than kill the prince and risk alienating Empress Wan, the emperor decides the prince would be traded as a hostage for the prince of a neighboring kingdom, the Khitans, although it is known that the neighbor prince is an imposter. An ambush by the emperor’s men is set up in a far away, snowy land, but the Grand Marshal’s son saves the prince.

Believing that power is firmly in his grip, the emperor calls for a grand banquet. Qing Nu, the Grand Marshal’s daughter, has planned another play for the occasion, and in tribute to her fiance, she wears his theater mask. Empress Wan has her own plans – to poison the emperor. However, the scheme to poison the emperor fails as the cup he was to drink out of is instead given to Qing Nu out of respect and partly of pity for her. Upon the young woman’s death, the emperor realises in horror that the empress Wan had plotted his death. It is then revealed that Crown Prince Wu Luan was in fact a member of the masked performing troupe. The emperor then commits suicide by drinking the rest of the poisoned wine intended for him. As Empress Wan asks Wu Luan to kill her, the Grand Marshal’s son attempts to kill the Empress to avenge his sister, but his poisoned blade is stopped by Prince Wu Luan and Empress Wan stabs the Grand Marshal’s son. However, Prince Wu Luan fatally poisons himself in the process of stopping the Grand Marshal’s son.

In the end sequence, Empress Wan grasps bright red cloth ands speaks of the “flames of desire” that she has satiated by taking the throne. She is suddenly pierced by a blade from an unknown source. As she is dying, she turns around and looks at her killer with a horrified expression. The blade is then dropped into a mossy koi bed, and the blood soaks the water. As the film closes to an end, the water’s reflection reveal Wu Luan’s eyes.

Did I mention that I absolutely love Zhang Ziyi? She’s my second favorite Chinese actress. Of course, Vicki Zhao Wei is the first. I decided to watch this movie because of her. All because of her.

The Banquet is a little too deep for me. Zhang Ziyi’s, Ge You’s, Daniel Wu’s and Zhou Xun’s characters are all tangled in an intricate web of flaming passion, lust, murder, deceit and revenge.

Zhang Ziyi plays the Empress Wan. She’s young, beautiful, fierce, harsh and selfish. She harbors feelings for Daniel Wu’s character, Wu Luan, who’s her stepson. After the death of the emperor, she married her late husband’s brother Li (Ge You) who usurped the throne. She married him to retain the throne and to protect Wu Luan. Meanwhile, Qing (Zhou Xun) is also in love with Wu Luan and is willing to do everything for him.

The story had a very, very slow start and it didn’t pick up until it was Disc 2. A lot of scenes, though artistic and graceful, are boring. It was very dragging. I fast-forwarded most of the scenes. Good thing it has subtitles (since the dialogue is in Chinese) so I can still follow the lines. Everything was slow.

Few things that I like include the graceful fight between Empress Wan and Wu Luan. They are not fighting, I swear. They are just dancing and it is very seductive. The Empress is absolutely flirting with Wu Luan. The desire is absolutely there.

Zhang Ziyi has once again proved that she is worthy to be named by ETC as the No. 1 Sexiest Superhero. Well, yeah, the term they used was superhero, but of course, she’s not sporting capes and skintight leather jeans with supernatural powers. She is, however, wielding swords, and throwing punches and kicks as deadly as her beauty. She’s small but she can really kick your butt. Of course with extended thanks to stuntmen, martial arts trainers and harnesses.

The production design was superb. The settings and the costumes and the palace were all very beautiful. It felt like real.

At the end of the banquet not single one of them was victorious. Qing died because of the poison that the Empress put on the drink that she took that was supposed to be for the emperor Li. Li died because he decided to kill himself. Wu Luan died because he stopped the knife that Qing’s brother was trying to cast on the Empress for killing his sister. Unfortunately, the knife had poison. Qing’s brother also died because Empress Wan struck him with a knife after blurting out that there was poison on the knife.

Empress Wan was the only one remaining. She maybe the emperor now but she was sad because Wu Luan was dead. I love her line about the fabric. She said something like she love the color of the fabric because it represents the color of flaming desire and many people have been consumed by that desire. Only she will rise from it like a phoenix. The moment she said those, a knife came flying in the air and pierced her from the back right through her heart. I was like, who was it? Who killed her? She turned around and pointed an accusing finger to someone and the collapsed. However, this someone was not shown. That really left me thinking. Seeing that shock look in her face and the knife that was use – it was the sword of Yue – it made me think that it was Wu Luan. But he is dead. I really don’t get it. However, if you read the synopsis above, it was said it was indeed Wu Luan. So, he didn’t die?

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