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The two giant tv networks in the Philippines are remaking two another popular Korean dramas. ABS-CBN had previously remade My Girl and Only You while GMA remade My Name is Kim Sam Soon and All About Eve.

Due to the success of these remakes, each station is  now going for another remake. ABS-CBN is remaking Lovers In Paris, the successful SBS series back in 2004. This show won the Baeksang award for best television drama in 2005. It was also very successful in the Philippines with the drama placed in the primetime slot having the highest rating of 39.7%.

The Philippine remake stars award winning actor Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion as Han Ki Joo and Kang Tae Young. However, to make the names ear-friendly and easy to Filipinos, they were changed to:

Han Ki Joo – Carlo

Kang Tae Young – Vivian

Yoon Soo Hyuk – Martin

The series will premiere on September 28 in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida (primetime slot in the Philippines.)

On the other hand, GMA remakes another successful SBS series, Stairway to Heaven. This tv series is already airing on a  primetime slot in GMA.

This show stars Dingdong Dantes and Rhian Ramos. Like in Lovers in Paris, the names are also changed.

Cha Song Joo – Cholo

Han Jung Suh / Kim Ji Soo – Jodi / Jenna

Han Yoo Ri – Eunice

Han Tae-Hwa / Han Chul-soo – Tristan / Charlie

I wonder if anyone will post subbed videos online.

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I’ve Fallen For You


It’s the first movie top-billed by Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. They star as two teenagers who share the same name: Alex Reyes. He’s a rich kid who’s looking for a good partner for a bike race. She’s a somewhat poor girl who’s looking for money to survive her studies. They met. They teamed up and they fall in love. However, family secrets are revealed later on regarding his mother and her father. But thankfully, there was no affair. One thing that I really hate in any series, movie or story is when a married man/woman had an affair with another. I can’t take it. It’s so gross, so immoral. In this movie, yes, Jonathan and Tessa were old lovers but they didn’t have an affair when they meet again in a reunion. Both of them were just looking for closure. It is a light movie. There were some laughs and cool scenes. The supporting actors and actresses were great. Well, what do you expect from Albert Martinez, Chin Chin Gutierrez, Lotlot de Leon and Amy Perez? The setting was also great. There were many scenic spots. The bridge, the restaurant, the mountains. Really nice. As for the lead actors, hmm, Kim Chiu is well, so-so in this movie but she really improved a lot from her performance in First Day High. She can carry the light scenes well but she’s a bit tragic in the dramatic scenes. There’s just really something wrong with her mouth, or face, whatever. There’s only one thing I’ll say about Gerald. He is so cute. OMG, that was much established now. Really.

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The Promise


I watched this movie with absolutely no clue as to the story. I’m not a GMA 7 fan so I didn’t get to see its trailers however I learned that TJ Trinidad was in this movie so I decided to give this movie a try. What the heck, it has that Wuthering Heights aura. Wuthering Heights is a novel written by Emily Bronte and this story has almost the same formula. I don’t know if they really based it from the movie but I’m sure that novel was one of their inspirations.

TJ Trinidad was great in this movie. He’s even better than Richard Gutierrez who was the lead actor in this movie. I was so happy for him. He really deserved this kind of break. Angel Locsin was so-so. I was never a fan of her because I was never been impressed with her acting. Richard was okay. That’s all I can say. Eugene Domingo was here too and as usual, she’s great.

The screenplay was good. It has enough drama, passion, danger, and heart. Just one drawback, aside from some actors’ acting, was that there were several implied sex scenes and I absolutely hated it. It was totally unnecessary. And the girl was the one initiating it. Once or twice was enough but not every 15 minutes or so.

When it was nearing its rear, I just don’t get that scene where Angel’s character was already bleeding and instead of rushing her to hospital, Richard just brought her to the seashore. Well, okay, it would make the exchange between the two of them more dramatic, more painful, however it wasn’t realistic. If the love of your life is dying, I don’t think you’ll just give up like that and let her die, do you?

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