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First of all, MAJIDE??? Oh, come on, they’re remaking another Japanese manga and they chose one of the best josei mangas there is.

As much as I love Kim Hyun Joong, I have to admit that I cannot see him as Momo (as of now). Come on, let’s admit it, he sucks in acting. If he couldn’t act Ji Hoo who is pretty one-layered, how can he possibly do Momo who is complicated? Yes, Momo is complicated. He may appear quirky, funny, cute and stupid on the outside but underneath that are varying levels of complex personalities: Momo the pet and Momo with the desires of a man.

I sort of pity HJ in this. First in Boys Over Flowers, he was compared to Oguri Shun and let’s admit it, a lot of actors will really fall short on that. Now he is going to be compared to Matsujun?

I think I can accept it if I don’t have anything to compare too. However, Matsujun did this drama. And this is not because I absolutely love Matsujun, I’m just giving credit where credit is due. Matsujun owned this drama. His acting may not be flawless but there was something in it that was endearing and believable amidst the surreal circumstances. Definitely a tough act to follow.

However, KIm Hyun Joong is still a newbie in acting and newbies must be given another chance. The Yoon Ji Hoo character is a far cry from his real 4-dimensional self (remember We Got Married?). So, I guess, maybe if he acts less and be himself more, he can pull this off.

But I wonder who will they cast as Sumire? If Matsujun as Momo is already a tough act to follow, so is Koyuki. I don’t even have a single Korean actress in mind to fill Koyuki shoes up. Hell, she’s the perfect Koyuki!

On another note: Why are they keep remaking Matsujun’s dramas??? Am I gonna see Bambino next?

—>EDIT: (12:13 AM) NOT TRUE according to Quainte501. *breathes a sigh of relief*

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As much as I love Inkigayo, I think this performance is the best so far. It’s the first time they used hand held mics and even though they cannot dance fully, it made their singing better. Baby lost that faltering he had during the Music Core performance and all their voices came out good. Their outfits are better too and so is the intro.

This song just keeps getting better and better every time I hear it.

Too bad they didn’t win. I’m not being biased being a SS501 fan but I honestly didn’t get why they didn’t win. An amazing song like “Love Like This” lose to a funny song entitled “Ring Ding Dong.” Oh well, better luck next time.

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Among the three music shows of the three stations, I’ve always love SBS Inkigayo more than KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core. For some reason, I always find performances done in this show better than the two. Not just the performances but also the background setting.

SS501’s performance in this music show is just like what I expected. It was better than Music Core and they also sang Only One Day. So you get not only Love Like This but a new beautiful ballad.

But it would have been terrific if they sang Obsess. Oh my God, I can’t wait till they perform that song.


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The long wait is finally over!!!

Our favorite Double S guys finally performed their new single in Music Core.


Oh my God, Hyun Joong leader is way too hot to handle. So smexy!!! Shillang, you’re so not that kid groom anymore.

And what happened to Young Saeng? I adore this change in him. I always find him way too soft for my taste but now, he looks so hot with that bad boy aura. It suits him even though this new image of him if a far cry from his young prince image.

I now understand why Jung Min’s nickname is Sexy Charisma. Yes, he was definitely oozing with that charisma in this performance.

Kyu Jong is hot. He has always been gorgeous but in somewhat understated kind of way. However, he is definitely climbing up the ladder fast.

Hyung Joon baby is definitely cannot be called baby anymore. Though I don’t like the fact that they curled his hair once again, I still love him.

I am so excited for their performance in other shows. But I still yet have to get a copy of their album.

SS501 Hwaiting!!!

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Still too much guyliner but damn hot. What a teaser, I want more.

I love the song. They are so lucky that it was given to them coz’ a lot of artists wanted Love Like This to be their single.

Their music style is different but I can definitely say it is better now. It’s just too bad that Music Bank was canceled. It would have been a thrill to watch them perform this song live.

Oh, and by the way, in this music video, baby is the hottest and sexiest. (And of course, HJ Leader too ^_^)

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Oh my God, the songs are all wonderful!!!

Seriously, they’re all sooooo damn good.

I first heard Love Like This and I love it. Then after that, I listened to Obsess and it was even better! The chorus is something like I would hear in an American song.

Their music style is definitely different now but looks like all their hard work has paid off. They’ve produced an amazing mini album!

I’m not sure about their fashion style and looks though. I need some time to get used to it.

But basically, the album is astounding. Is Warner Music also going to release this here (in addition to the three previous albums they will be releasing)? If not, do I have to rely on YesAsia? I AM SO POOR ALREADY.





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B2ST is the newest boy group under Cube Entertainment. Their name means Boys 2 Search the Top. All of them looked pretty young and I wasn’t actually interested in them if I hadn’t came across this video in YT.

This is B2ST doing a cover of an old Arashi’s ballad song entitled “Blue.” They didn’t translate the lyrics into Korean so obviously they had plans of entering the Japanese market, like what other Korean groups do (as if we’re not used to that.) Also, note that they sang it infront of Japanese fans when they were unveiled in Tokyo last July 25.

And I really have to give it to them, what better way to create a buzz than to cover an Arashi song. And I must say the B2ST boys did good, their voices sound good in ballad.

Blue is an amazing amazing amazing ballad. Seriously, it can make you cry. It has beautiful lyrics and nice melody. I think they made the perfect choice to cover this song.


The pale blue skirt trails over the hill at sunset
Thinking deeply, I wonder if this is what “forever” is?
“Love has to end someday,” you whisper from afar
Haven’t you noticed how I pretended to have not heard?

Since then, many seasons of petals have danced in the swirling wind
The memories that won’t change, no matter how much time passes, lie here

Longing to meet you, longing to meet you
I try to hug you in my dreams
Chasing on, chasing on
I wander around in this deep maze
Longing to see you, longing to see you
The you who’s not a dream but real
But unable to see you, unable to meet you
I drown myself in directionless memories

Shoulder to shoulder, we looked up, the night sky a planetarium
Those same stars may float somewhere now, but they’ll eventually disappear won’t they?
I’ve never been able to voice these thoughts choking my heart
If only I could gently wrap them up, and let them out in sighs

Even as they sway and flow amid passing seasons
These memories can’t be resolved, they’re caught between the past and the future

Longing to meet you, longing to meet you
I try to hug you in my dreams
It won’t go away, it won’t go away
The vestiges of your scent still linger on
Longing to see you, longing to see you
The you who’s no dream but real
It hurts, it hurts
As that pale blue blurs away

B2ST – Blue (cover)

Arashi – Blue

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