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I’m moving my blog to a new host.

Here’s my new address: http://charmedlass.com

I will not be able to move all posts, because some of them are just a pain in the butt to move but my new posts will be put in the new blog.

Also, I will not be deleting this blog. I have an attachment to it and I kinda feel sad if all the comments will be gone.

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My descent into the fandom

Back in 2003, after years of only patronizing telenovelas coming from South America, the Philippines opened its doors to Asian dramas. ABS-CBN, a major tv network, decided to buy rights to air Meteor Garden in the country. Despite it being placed in an afternoon time slot, its ratings were so high, everyone talked about it. Needless to say, Meteor Garden became a huge hit – it became a phenomenon. It also opened my eyes to Asian dramas in general.

I watched any Asian drama that I can get my hands on. Be it Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean or Japanese. I have a special love for Japanese dramas because not only it reminds me of animes (which are a long time obsession of mine) but because they are shorter and always a lot funnier.

One day, I decided to watch Gokusen. I like the premise of the series. A young woman coming from a Yakuza family becomes a teacher of the most notorious and rebellious students of a private school. And then I saw Sawada Shin and I was a goner. He’s the hottest and coolest guy I’ve ever seen and all I can think of is how can I make this person my husband. I’d like to dedicate my whole life to him. But then Gokusen 1 ended and I was majorly disappointed that Gokusen II didn’t have him as one of the casts.

If I can’t get more of Sawada Shin then I’ll get more of the actor who played him. I’ve found Kimi wa Petto and although he doesn’t look like the Sawada Shin I knew, I was taken in by him nonetheless. Momo is the cutest ever. I’d like to have him as a pet too.

After watching Kimi wa Petto, I was even more determined to know all about Matsumoto Jun. I learned he is a part of this group called, Arashi, but I didn’t pay too much attention to that. More than anything, I just wanted another drama of him.

And then, voila! I heard the news that he will be playing Doumyoji Tsukasa in the Japanese live action adaptation of Hana Yori Dango. I am a huge fan of the Hana Yori Dango franchise, I’ve started with Meteor Garden then the anime then the manga itself. So just imagine my surprise at that news. My fandom is colliding. (And that is like a dream come true for any fan).

As soon as it was available online, I ordered a DVD of the series. I enjoyed and loved it so much. I didn’t expect Matsujun to act like that, he was so good! He was amazing! Sawada Shin will be just my lover, Momo will still be my pet and Tsukasa will now become my husband. Haha.

While I was watching the series, I was taken in by the theme song. I was like, “wow, this is pretty cool. I need to have an MP3 of this song.” So I researched for it and found out that it was “Wish” and it was sung by Matsujun’s group, “Arashi.”

I downloaded the promotional video and it was so cute. So Christmas-y however, I couldn’t decipher very much the other members. Not only I was focusing on Jun too much, the PV was a bit blurred too. Then I proceed on looking for their other videos and stumbled upon their very first video, A-RA-SHI. They were young, vibrant and I really like the song. Next up, I found Jun’s solo in their 2004 concert, “La Familia.” This video did it for me. This is Jun’s best performance not to mention, best song that (as I found out later) he wrote himself. The other members showed up near the end of his performance and he pointed at them while singing the line “my friends…” I find that really sweet and when I look at the other members, I realized that they’re cute too.

I started listening to their songs, started to get to know the members, memorize the lyrics of their songs. I even spent 2 days listening to one song and getting their voices ingrained to my brain. So that when I listen, I will know who sang this line and that line. I watch their variety programs and was forever trapped in the fandom.

The rest is, as what they say, history. Arashi sank their claws into me and I’ve never been more glad and proud and happy to get to know such an amazing group. Because of them, I also got to meet a lot of people. Strangers who eventually became real life friends.

I may never get to meet them in real life but their influence on me was so great, I’ll carry it for the rest of my life.

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All the videos I posted before were (not surprisingly) taken down by Youtube. I found some again and before this gets taken down, I will share it here again.

This time it is the full countdown and not only Arashi parts. Sugoi ne? They’re performing in three different concert halls  with more than 100, 000 attendees. Kanjani8’s in Kyousera Dome in Osaka while Tackey and Tsubasa are in the Imperial Theater with ABC and Kis-my-ft2 and the rest of the Johnny’s are in Tokyo Dome

At the beginning, you can see Arashi running to the hall to host. They just came from Kohaku.

Credits to: newshfan@LJ

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This is the ULTIMATE.

This month of August, for some reason, I’ve been greeting a lot of people. Apparently, many of my favorite personalities were born in this month: HJ on Aug. 3, HB on Aug. 16, and KB on Aug. 21.

I am greeting someone again. Actually, his birthday was yesterday but I want to post my greeting today, making him the last one I’ll be greeting. Saving the best for last, you may say.

He is what you would call my Ichiban. Because of him, I’ve discovered the only welcomed ‘storm’ in my life. I got to know five wonderful people whose music never fails to lift my spirits up. And because of these five people, I also met a lot of amazing individuals whose interests are the same as mine.


DoS (Extreme Sadist),

Sawada Shin,
Domyouji Tsukasa

Whatever they may call you, for me, you are MATSUJUN. My favorite Arashi member and my favorite Japanese male artist.

A long time ago, I made a slideshow in slide.com for Jun. I made some quick edit to it and posted it here.

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I am so happy for you Hwang Bo unnie! It’s high time you released a new song. “Arisong” is currently on repeat in my player. I love it. And you look amazingly hot in that pic.

Here’s the news: credits to coolsmurf@allkpopcom

Releasing your album first in China, Japan, Thailand, America, etc before your own motherland is perhaps nothing new to Korean singers and their fans. But in Europe? It was revealed today that female Korean singer, Hwang Bo has debuted her new song in England.

According to Shimty Company on the 3rd, “Ahead of her title track,
Arisong release in Korea on the 18th of August, we have took the decision to release it as a digital single first in Europe. The digital single is currently available for purchase on JunoDownload, the world’s largest dance music store based in the United Kingdom. The song even made it to No.2 on JunoDownload‘s singles download chart on the day of release (31st July). The song was written by Shim Tae Yoon and we decided on remixing the song in London to make it sound better. The album cover picture was taken in New York, America recently. You can preview the tracks below.

Listen to the preview. It’s a good dance song just like “Get Hot” before.” This is the Oriental Mix.

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Slumdog Millionaire


Honestly, if this movie wasn’t named as the Best Film of 2008 and winner of eight Oscars, I definitely wouldn’t even stop to look for its poster. It’s because I am not really a fan of Bollywood films (though technically, it’s not a Bollywood film, it’s a British film.)

But thankfully, it won in the Golden Globes, BAFTA awards and of course, the Oscars. It made me want to see the movie. Last quarter of last year, I was already dying to see it because I’ve heard so many praises for this movie. It is really incredible for an independent film, and a film that was supposed to be released straight-to-DVD to achieve this kind of success. But I waited; I waited until it was finally shown here in the Philippines. And all, I can say is, what an exhilarating experience to watch it.

Slumdog Millionaire tells the story of Jamal Malik (Dev Patel, and two other actors who portrayed it depending on age), an orphan from the slums of Mumbai. For some reasons, he found himself competing on the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and is about to win a staggering 20 million rupees. Because he’s an orphan and uneducated, he raised the suspicions of the game show host and the police. He was taken and locked up until he admits how he was cheating. After several beatings and tortures, Jamal calmly told the story of his life and of the girl he loves the most, that made him able to answer the show’s tough questions.

Slumdog Millionaire spent most of its time displaying the poverty of Mumbai and the cruelty of the real world. The first hour was definitely hard to watch for me, seeing so much filth and violence. I couldn’t remember how many times I told myself that I was lucky to be living in this country. But amidst that, it’s hard not to get captivated by the movie. I am still in awe.

It is a life story but one shouldn’t forget that behind that long journey is the story of a great love.

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto are very easy to watch on screen. They put enough emotion and they acted quite well. For Freida, I must say, what a successful debut! Madhur Mittal who plays Jamal’s brother, Salim is believable too. Also, hats-off to Anil Kapoor who played the game show host, he was really really good. The children who portrayed the young Jamal, Salim and Freida are children from the Mumbai slums in real life. They did a good job.

The ending packs a powerful punch. Here, we see two sides of the story that conveys some meaning. We see Jamal Malik winning the game. While this was happening, in-between shots of his brother were shown. Jamal won and with that money, he can definitely start a new life. His brother on the other hand, has so much money. He scattered them on the bath tub and lay while awaiting his pursuers. They came and shoot him. We see a new life starting because of money and we see another life ending because of money.

It was a memorable and unique film. Kudos to Danny Boyle for doing this film. The direction was great, the editing, even the music is perfect! I tremendously enjoyed the Bollywood dance number in the tune of A.R. Rahman’s Jai Ho.

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